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As research on the health benefits of cannabis increases, so does its use in human consumption. CBD has become part of most folks ‘ daily routines, from edibles such as candies and gummies to topical oils, lotions, and sleep tinctures.

For instance, the beauty and cosmetics industry has joined the CBD hype manufacturing healthy skincare products. Today, topical CBD options such as lotions, creams, and lip balms are not rare to find on the beauty shelves.

CBD lip balms are among the recent additions to the CBD topical family. Although more research is needed on their effectiveness in moisturizing dry or chapped lips, CBD lip balms are increasingly popular. Most individuals consider CBD a healthy option for hydrating one’s lips, healing wounds, reducing irritation, and much more.

Like all other CBD products, choosing the best lip balm can be a task uphill. With so many unmonitored manufacturers venturing in CBD, it is common to find yourself with a scam and ineffective CBD lip balm.

To save you both time and money, and probably even your health, we scoured the internet to help you discover the best CBD lip balms in the market. Not only have we put up a few factors to consider when shopping for a CBD lip balm, but we have also reviewed 5 top picks according to consumers. Besides, our FAQs answer most of your questions about CBD lip balms while highlighting these products’ benefits and side effects. Let’s dive in.

What is CBD Lip Balm?

CBD lip balm is a topical CBD option used cosmetically in maintaining the wellbeing of the mouth area. From hydrating dry lips to healing wounds, preventing acne around the lips, and reducing itchiness, CBD lip balms offer numerous benefits to your lips and the mouth area.

Typically, CBD lip balms are made from THC-free CBD oil (which does not have psychoactive effects), making them a safe option for most individuals. Additionally, most CBD lip balms contain a CBD potency of 10100 mg per tube and other skincare natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Avocado, Shea butter, and Green tea extract.

What is CBD Lip Balm

What to look for in the best CBD Lip Balm: Factors to consider before buying a CBD Lip Balm

Unfortunately, the FDA has yet to fully monitor the production and sale of CBD products, as with pharmaceutical drugs. The only requirement from CBD manufacturers is filling the approved facility forms and providing Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from third-party labs to consumers. As a result, the CBD lip balm industry is vulnerable to scam products that may cost you money and your health.

To stay safe, we recommend carrying out some due diligence to ensure that you get the best value for your money when ordering CBD lip balms. Before pressing the “buy” button, consider visiting the customer testimonials section, scouring consumer reports, and paying attention to overall internet statistics

For starters, below are a few beginner points to look for when shopping for a quality CBD lip balm.

Manufacturers’ reliability

Due to the limited FDA regulation for CBD products, it is common to bump in unprofessional CBD lip balm manufacturers. Such brands usually make unrealistic health claims about their product’s ability to “cure” this or that lip/skin condition. 

Unfortunately, these claims often result in frustrated customers who neither have the results nor the necessary customer support from the manufacturer. To avoid such traps, ensure ordering from reputable manufacturers committed to customer satisfaction

CBD type

Depending on your preference, there are numerous types of CBD used in making lip balm. The kind of CBD in a lip balm determines the cannabinoids present. Below are the 3 most common types of CBD to pick from:

  • Full-spectrum CBD - Contains all the compounds found in the cannabis plant, including THC, which causes the “high” feeling. Most full-spectrum CBD lip balms contain less than 0.3% of THC.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD - Contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids except THC. 
  • CBD isolate - This is the most preferred CBD type by users who like to keep it risk-free. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD (does not contain any other cannabinoids, including THC).
  • CBD potency refers to the amount of CBD found in a lip balm. Most CBD lip balms contain 1-100 mg of CBD. Choose the potency that best suits you depending on your needs and preferences.
  • Product quality and safety-Needless to say, it is vital to choose a CBD lip balm that guarantees you both premium quality and safety. For instance, determining the source of the hemp used in making the lip balm, pesticides, the availability of COAs, etc., is an excellent place to start.
  • Product’s effectiveness-A good CBD lip balm is one whose effectiveness has been proven by other users. Look out for customer testimonials and ratings from reliable sources. Platforms such as Reddit and Consumer Reports can give you a glimpse into what to expect from a product.
  • Other ingredients-Apart from CBD, manufacturers often use other skincare ingredients to improve the lip balm's effectiveness. Make sure to check out the label on a CBD lip balm to ensure that you only settle for healthy ingredients that have proven to work overtime. These include castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil, Beeswax, Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Vitamin E, kokum butter, Coconut oil, etc.
  • Your budget- Different CBD lip balm brands come with different price tags. If you are like me, go for the product that gives you value for money. On average, most CBD lip balms cost between $3 and $40, depending on factors such as unique ingredients, benefits, etc.


What is the Best CBD Lip Balm 2023: Top 5 CBD Lip Balms in 2023?

The best CBD lip balms are those produced by reliable manufacturers and vendors. Buying from such brands guarantees you both high-end quality and safe products. Besides, they stand behind their products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our editorial team researched and discovered the following CBD lip balm brands to match the criteria above.

1. CBD FX Balm Stick-the Best Value for Money CBD Balm

CBD FX is a California-based company that prides itself on featuring among the best CBD manufacturers by reputable media outlets such as Forbes and Cosmopolitan. This company is praised for its unique approach to providing CBD in various formulas such as CBD+THC, CBD+CBN, CBD+CBG. This distinctive approach allows customers to pick the best product that meets their needs while satisfying their personal preferences.

For instance, the CBD FX balm stick is a genius broad spectrum vegan-friendly creation that combines cannabis elements with healthy botanicals to calm and heal irritated skin. The use of premium essential oils such as Chamomile, Lavender, and Rosemary doesn’t just make the formula effective at moisturizing and skin nourishment, but they also ensure your skin and lips are fresh young all day long.

Why do we tag this product as the “best value for money”? CBD FX balm stick beats the competitors for its ability to serve your lips and other areas of the skin. Whereas some users applaud it for helping them maintain healthy and glossy lips, others can’t stop praising its prowess at joint and muscle pain relief. Similarly, others report inhaling CBD FX to relieve anxiety whenever they are overwhelmed.

What’s more? Each CBD FX balm stick contains 700mg-3000mg of broad-spectrum CBD, making it ideal for those who enjoy high amounts of CBD.

If you are out for a convenient CBD product that is not just affordable but also multipurpose, look no further. Besides, the manufacturer is transparent enough to provide you with updated COAs, so you know what you are getting into when buying CBD FX balm stick.

CBDfx Balm Stick

✓ Calms hot spots.

✓ Moisturizes dry skin and lips

✓ Calms the mind from anxiety

✓ Reduces joint pain and aches


Price: $39.99

2. American Shaman CBD Lip Revitalizer—Best CBD Lip Balm for Beginners

The American Shaman CBD manufacturer has added this rich lip revitalizer to their CBD family. This lip balm comes in a cylindrical plastic tube that is combustible and easy to carry about.

The American Shaman CBD lip balm is infused with a broad spectrum of naturally grown hemp that preserves moisture on your lips without the greasiness typical with other balms. More so, the manufacturer includes other skincare ingredients to this formula to add to the plumping and healing effect of this lip balm. They include soybean oil, sunflower oil, Beeswax, Shea butter oil, and coconut oil.

Each American Shaman lip revitalizer contains 30 mg potency of CBD (broad-spectrum), which makes it ideal for those new to the CBD regimen. This silky and naturally scented lip balm is also a good choice if you are looking for something in between effective and pocket-friendly.

American Shaman CBD Lip Revitalizer

✓ Moisturizes dry lips

✓ Heals wounded lips

✓ Soothes irritated lips



3. Joy Organics CBD Salve Stick-Best USDA Certified Organic CBD Lip Balm

Joy Organics pride itself as one of the few CBD manufacturers that meet the highest organic manufacturing standards by the USDA. Not only does this manufacturer make their products from organically US-grown hemp, but they also maintain a no-animal-cruelty code through vegan products only.

The Joy Organics CBD salve stick is a natural unscented topical CBD option harnessed with the healing and nourishing powers of botanicals that provide relief to irritated skin, itchy muscles, and aching joints. Moreover, this premium lush CBD salve is tested by third-party labs to ensure 0.0% traces of THC, keeping you safe from the “high” effect.

We also like Joy Organics’ commitment to assuring customers of quality products by providing comprehensive COAs with every product. They also offer a 90 days customer satisfaction guarantee to protect you from losing money.

Joy Organics CBD Salve Stick

✓ Soothes the lips and the skin

✓ Moisturizes dry lips, face, hands, and skin

✓ Relaxes tired muscles


Price: $32.95

4. CBD MD Lip Balm – The Best Potency and Flavor Choices CBD Lip Balm

Are you looking out for a reliable and reputable CBD lip balm manufacturer? The CBDMD lip balm manufacturer has made a name by producing numerous high-end CBD products that leave you spoiled for choice.

For instance, the CBDMD lip balm is a specially formulated blend of a superior broad spectrum that contains numerous elements such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and additional Terpenes. This unique formula is further harnessed by rich botanicals that give the lip balm an outstanding ability to restore wounded lips, calm hot spots, reduce itchiness/redness, hydrate dry lips, and much more!

When it comes to variety, CBDMD is a master. Their line of CBD lip balms features 3 natural, tasty flavours and pleasant fragrances that leave your lips looking and feeling great. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from sweet vanilla to minty hibiscus or the rich blackberry acai.

For only $12.99, you get access to 50 mg CBD in a simple and easy-to-use plastic tube. Besides, you get to enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum CBD minus the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBDMD Lip Balm

✓ Hydrates dry lips

✓ Preserves a youthful appearance

✓ Protects lips against harsh weather

Price: $12.99

5. CBDistillery Lip Balm – The Best Pocket-Friendly CBD Lip Balm Option

Are you looking for a good CBD lip balm that won’t cost you an arm? CBDistillery offers you this fresh minty flavoured lip balm that covers your lips well without feeling heavy. The fresh herbal formula provides your lips with the nourishing and healing effect they so much deserve.

At a friendly cost of only $4.00, you get to enjoy 25mg of CBD in every CBDistillery lip balm. If you are just starting on CBD, this product is a good starting point. Besides, the manufacturer guarantees you safety and quality by providing you with reliable third-party lab results.

CBDistillery Lip Balm

✓ Soothes hot spots

✓ Moisturizes dry or chapped lips

✓ Restores wounded lips

Price: $4.00

How do you use CBD Lip Balm? How good is the Effect of CBD Lip Balm?

CBD lip balms are designed to add convenience to your CBD routine. Whether it is a small plastic tube or glass pot, these products are created to fit in the smallest space. You can carry and use CBD lip balms anywhere and anytime, during the day or the night.

For beginners, most manufacturers recommend evenly applying (massaging) a small amount of CBD lip balm on your lips to test its reaction with your skin. This test usually works well for most users who then scale to apply as much CBD lip balm as they desire. 

Most CBD lip balm users report that these products effectively keep their lips moisturized and free from the drying and chapping that result from exposure to harsh elements. 

What are the Benefits of using CBD Lip Balm?

Preliminary research indicates that CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it helpful in maintaining healthy skin. Besides, most CBD lip balm manufacturers include restorative botanicals such as Shea butter and Beeswax to their products to improve their efficacy. CBD lip balms can help you in the following ways:

  • Nourishing dry or chapped lips.
  • Healing wounded lips.
  • Preventing dryness and itching.
  • Reducing irritation, blemishes or redness around the mouth area.
  • Relieving pain from acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.
  • They may help reduce scars that result from inflammation, excessive smoking, wind, sun, and other healing wounds.
  • They may help manage skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis.
  • They can prevent acne infections around the mouth area.

What are the Benefits of using CBD Lip Balm

What does CBD Lip Balm do?

Different CBD lip balms work differently for different individuals. However, most CBD lip balms are useful in hydrating dry skin (lips), repairing wounded skin, and rejuvenating the skin on the lips and the surrounding areas.

How does CBD Lip Balm Work?

CBD lip balms combine nutritional components of cannabis with other natural skincare ingredients to provide your lips/skin with a natural blend of essential oils. Not only do these oils preserve the moisture required for healthy skin, but they also nourish it with natural nutrients to keep it youthful and glossy. Below is how CBD lip balm works?

  • Providing moisture/hydration
  • Nourishing dead skin to maintain a youthful look.
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing itchiness, redness, hotness and irritation
  • Preventing infections such as acne
  • Regulating oil production

For more details on how CBD lip balm works, check out our “clinical assessment” section below.

CBD Lip Balm 2023 clinical trial assessment and results: Is CBD Lip Balm safe to use? Does CBD Lip Balm have any side effects?

Most CBD lip balms are primarily made from a blend of cannabinoids and other skincare ingredients. According to preliminary research, CBD is a promising potent agent for improving healthy skin.

In a study seeking to determine the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol in skin health and disorders, it was established that applying topical CBD could effectively promote healthy skin. This alludes to CBD’s ability to interact with the Endocannabinoid system (ES), which regulates most body function, skin health included. As such, the use of CBD in lip balms can help you enjoy healthy lips.

Similarly, another study established CBD’s potential to provide a protective barrier against harsh environmental stresses such as heat, cold, and ageing. Because of its excellent oxidative ability, CBD can protect your lips from cell damage, itching and inflammation, which may result in infections if left untreated. The study also confirmed CBD’s ability to prevent premature skin ageing, a common problem for most individuals.

Lastly, CBD has been discovered to reduce infectious occurrences because of its good anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. CBD has proven to be potent at limiting skin infections such as acne, eczema, and Pruritis (Itch) among humans. Therefore, CBD lip balm can help protect your lips from such conditions.

CBD Lip Balm safe to use

CBD Lip Balm potential side effects

Generally, CBD is safe and interacts well with most individuals. However, some people may experience a few side effects such as:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in weight
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea

Side note: Always consult your healthcare provider before using a CBD lip balm. This is especially important for individuals on prescription medication, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children.

CBD Lip Balm results before and after: Does CBD Lip Balm really work?

Different CBD lip balms work differently. Whereas you may enjoy immediate results after using a CBD lip balm, others may take a little longer to give you substantial results. However, most of the products we have listed above have been reported to work well for most people in 1day-4 weeks.

CBD Lip Balm results after Results
1 day
  • Most users report an improvement in lip hydration.
  • They also experience less itchiness and redness on their lips.
  • A few individuals experience side effects.
1 week
  • Most users enjoy fully moisturized lips all day.
  • There is reduced lip dryness, chapping, and cracking.
  • Some users experience relief from sore lips.
  • Few side effects are reported.
2 weeks
  • Most users enjoy fully moisturized lips all day.
  • There is reduced lip dryness, chapping, and cracking.
  • Some users experience relief from sore lips.
  • Some users experience reduced acne and other pimples around the mouth area.
  • No side effects reported.
4 weeks
  • Most users enjoy fully moisturized lips all day.
  • There is reduced lip dryness, chapping, and cracking.
  • Some users experience relief from sore lips.
  • Some users experience reduced acne and other pimples around the mouth area.
  • Some users might experience improvement in skin conditions such as acne and eczema.
  • Most users enjoy plumped and youthful lips.

CBD Lip Balm review and rating: pros and cons

There are many reviews about CBD lip balm on the internet and most of them are positive. Customers who have used the product can confirm the benefits of the CBD lip balm products such as helping them keep their lips moisturized, healing scars and wounds, repairing dead skin cells.


  • CBD lip balms are mess-free
  • They are convenient to use anytime and anywhere
  • They are easy to use-do not require special skill
  • You can use CBD lip balms on other areas of the skin
  • CBD lip balms suit all skin  types
  • Most manufacturers of CBD lip balm give money-back guarantees
  • Third-party labs test all the CBD products on our list to ensure safety and premium quality.


  • Most of our top pick CBD lip balms come only in one variety.

Is it recommended to use CBD Lip Balm?

Adding CBD lip balm to your daily skincare routine can turn out to be the best decision you ever made. Not only do these products provide your lips with enough moisture to nourish them, but they also repair and heal cracked lips. Whether you are out on the sunny beaches or stuck in the frozen winter indoors, CBD lip balm does a great job of keeping your lips healthy.

So, is it recommended to use CBD lip balm continuously? Yes! Most CBD lip balms are made from clinically certified ingredients that guarantee you safety and the best results in the long run.

Where can you buy CBD Lip Balm? What is the cost of CBD Lip Balm?

CBD FX Balm Stick

American Shaman CBD lip balm

Joy Organics CBD salve

CBDMD lip balm

CBDistillery lip balm

The CBD market is filled with CBD lip balm options. Whereas some brands strictly sell their products online, others run online and physical stores. Therefore, you can buy from your most preferred source, including Amazon and eBay.

However, to enjoy the best value for your money, we recommend buying our favourite CBD lip balms directly from the manufacturers. Not only do you get the best quality products, but you are also guaranteed reliable customer support to answer all your inquiries.

Below are the bonus points for shopping directly from our partners:

  • You save the energy and time required to walk to a physical store.
  • You are guaranteed a high-quality and safe product.
  • You qualify for subscriptions, sale offers, and product coupon codes that save you money.
  • You have access to a 100% money-back guarantee if the product fails to impress you.
  • You enjoy fast and efficient shipping/delivery.
  • You enjoy a seamless and secure checkout.

Can you buy CBD Lip balm in a pharmacy?

CBD lip balms are not available in pharmacies because they are not prescription-based. You can buy them directly from our partners to enjoy great price offers and quality products.

Can you buy CBD Lip balm in a pharmacy

CBD Lip Balm conclusion: our experience and recommendation

What we liked about our 5 picks of the best CBD lip balm How they scored
  • Excellent
Third-party testing
  • Excellent
Safely grown hemp
  • Excellent
Less than 0.03% THC composition
  • Excellent
Other botanical ingredients
  • Excellent
Company reputation
  • Excellent
Customer review and rating
  • Excellent

There are parts of our bodies that tend to demand extra care. Your lips and the areas around them are such. These areas can result in stubborn infections that mess up our confidence when not well cared for.

Although there is limited research on the potential of CBD in offering therapeutic benefits to the skin, existing evidence is promising. This has seen the invention of CBD lip balms have become a popular pick for those intending to preserve their "lip beauty." Not only do these products moisturize your lips, but they also nourish dry and cracked lips to prevent infection.

Some CBD lip balms are even enhanced with essential oils that help heal wounds and scars resulting from extreme weather, smoking, or other damages. Whether you want to go out in the snowy malls or just want a perfect look for the summer party, CBD lip balms go the extra mile of keeping your lips healthy.

We understand how the CBD market is crowded with lip balms (some of which may be unsafe), and that's why we put up this list. Although it is far from conclusive, we hope it serves as a good starting point.

Happy CBD lip balm shopping!

CBD Lip Balm conclusion: our experience and recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CBD Lip Balm

What is CBD Lip Balm?

What does CBD Lip Balm do?

What is CBD Lip Balm used for?

How much CBD is in a lip balm?

How do I use CBD Lip Balm?

What happens when I use too much CBD Lip Balm?

Is CBD Lip Balm safe?

Can CBD Lip Balm get you high?

Are there any CBD Lip Balm deals or coupon codes?

Is it possible to buy CBD Lip Balm on eBay or Amazon?

Does CBD Lip Balm have any risks or side effects?



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