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NZT-48 Reviews

We are more familiar with vitamins and supplements that support the heart, joints, bones, and even those that help regulate our blood pressure. It is, however, very rare to find supplements that support our brains, those that help sharpen our cognitive skills and help us have a laser-sharp memory. As with every other part of the body, our brain needs extra support, and that is where supplements such as NZT-48 come in. 

And because supplements are generally not regulated as drugs by the Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA), you have to be extra cautious when using a supplement. Where your brain is concerned, your focus should lie on whether its use elevates your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Below we will explore what NZT-48 Limitless is, the ingredients in the supplement, how they work to improve your brain function, how to take them, whether you should expect any side effects with their use and where to buy the supplement.

What is NZT-48 Limitless?

Suppose you are looking to improve your analytical skills, increase your focus, have a laser-sharp memory, increase your confidence and stay motivated throughout the day. In that case, you are not the only one. According to the AARP’s Brain Health and Dietary Supplements Survey, released in 2019, Americans aged 50 and up are consuming the lion’s share of the very large brain-health supplements market, which is expected to reach $5.8 billion in sales by 2023.

What is NZT-48 Limitless?


In a market where some competitors value profit over user well-being, you should choose a brand that gives you results while keeping you safe. NZT-48 Limitless is such one supplement; NZT-48 Limitless is a dietary supplement made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility. The supplement is made with natural ingredients to promote blood flow to the brain, support healthy neurotransmitters and help increase your serotonin levels in the brain.

This supplement takes on a multi-pronged approach to brain health using a state-of-the-art formula that gives tremendous health benefits. While on this supplement, you should expect to see your creativity levels go up, your mental agility goes through the roof; it will enhance your mood and motivation.

So what goes into NZT-48 is limitless to make it so potent, effective, and, as the name suggests, limitless.

Product name NZT-48
  • boosts analytical ability
  • increases focus level
  • improves confidence
  • keeps you motivated
  • improves mood
  • improves mental agility
Side effects
  • No side effects
Price $69.99
Package 60 Capsules
Dosage 2 Capsules a day
Customer rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Where to buy:

What are the ingredients in NZT-48?

If there is something consumers value when it comes to products, it is transparency. The first sign of a credible company is its transparency of the ingredients into the product. According to manufacturers of NZT-48, the supplement is made using natural ingredients, ensuring that you get all the benefits minus any side effects. Here are the 12 scientifically blended ingredients in NZT-48:

Theobromine: This ingredient is also known as xanthesose, extracted from the cacao plant. It is a common ingredient in chocolate and cocoa. It is also present in other plants, such as the kola nut and the tea plant. Theobromine has been added to the NZT-48 formula to promote blood circulation in the body, especially in the heart and brain. In addition to this function, Theobromine helps with increasing airflow to the lungs.

L-Glutamine: It is also known as glutamine, a naturally occurring amino acid in your body. Glutamine is often also referred to as the "calming hormone." It is found in most of the foods we take daily, but mostly it is produced by our bodies. To give your extra body support, it added to the NZT-48 formula. 

Though the most abundant amino acid in the body, its supplementation is recommended psychologically. It is used in this supplement's formula to reduce anxiety and your craving for sugar and alcohol. In addition to this, it also helps with brain health, acting as a fuel for the brain, muscles, intestinal lining and white blood cells.

Ginkgo Biloba: Gingko Biloba is an herbal extract from the ginkgo tree, a tree native to China known as the maidenhair tree. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. And though it has to treat cough, toothaches and diarrhea, it is used in NZT-48 for its brain health benefits. Gingko Biloba is used in this supplement for its antioxidant properties that improve memory.

Arginine AKG: Arginine AKG is short for Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, an intermediate compound from a series of reactions that produce energy in the body. It is a common ingredient in most sport, athlete and bodybuilders supplements. This ingredient helps improve sports performance, reduce muscle fatigue and enhance recovery. It is primarily used in the NZT-48 formula for its ability to boost your energy values. Furthermore, it testosterone levels in men during stressful situations, allowing them to remain alert and focused. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This ingredient is a by-product of L-carnitine, a compound found in the body. It is primarily made in the brain, liver, and kidneys. This ingredient is used in the NZT-48 formula to help the body turn fat into energy. Additionally, its supplementation has proven to be useful in managing Alzheimer's disease, improving memory, cognitive skills, and treatment of symptoms of depression.

Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is also a type of amino acid, which acts as the building block of protein. It is produced naturally in the body but can also be found in dairy products, meats, fish, oats, wheat and eggs. It is added to NZT-48 to promote dopamine production, a hormone in your body that regulates both your pleasure and reward centers. This hormone is especially important in improving your memory and mortar skills. Besides promoting dopamine production, this ingredient also boosts the production of thyroid hormones, which regulate your metabolism, making you a lot more active. 

Rhodiola Rosea: This compound is extracted from the roots of the Rhodiola Rosea, a perennial flowering plant native in Europe, Asia, and North America. It is also known as the golden root and falls under the adaptogens category, which means it helps the body adapt better to stress when consumed. Separately, it is used to treat anxiety, fatigue and depression. It is used in the NZT-48 formula to improve cognitive function, enhance memory and learning and ultimately protect the brain.


Now that you have an idea of what the ingredients in this supplement are let’s look at how they work.

How does NZT-48 Work? How good is the effect of NZT-48?

Knowing what is in a supplement is one thing, and knowing how they work is a different thing altogether. Knowing how a supplement works gives you an idea of what to expect when on the supplement, and it also helps you gauge whether the supplement could give you the results the developer says it would.

How does NZT-48 Work?

According to the manufacturer, NZT-48 works by:

  • Improve Mental Agility:
    Cerebral blood flow (CBF) is an important factor in maintaining brain function, and chronic insufficiency causes degeneration and irreversible brain function impairment. Thus, B.F. regulation associated with cerebral metabolism is likely to play an important role in cognitive function preservation. However, under certain conditions.
  • Improving your Brain Health:
    A steady flow of blood provides the brain with oxygen and glucose, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other nutrients that it requires to survive and thrive. In addition, cerebral blood circulation also transports things away from the brain that it does not require, such as carbon dioxide, toxins, and metabolic waste products. The NZT-48 formula is packed with ingredients such as Theobromine that increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Giving you a laser-sharp memory:
    Research has shown that the ageing process and pathological changes associated with Alzheimer's disease can be linked to oxidative stress. Antioxidants packed into the NZT-48 formula have been shown in vitro to reduce oxidative stress. The benefits do not end the formula also improves your memory, especially because the supplement increases blood circulation, ensuring that your brain receives enough to function optimally.
  • Enhancing your mood:
    Its impeccable formula promotes dopamine production, something that makes you a happier and less stressed person. In addition to this, the formula increases blood flow to your brain, which research has shown protects the hippocampus from stress-related hormones such as cortisol, which causes it to shrink.
  • Increase motivation:
    There are several brain regions involved in motivation, but one, in particular, is the brain's reward center. It is divided into the VTA (ventral tegmental area) and the nucleus acumens (or NACC). The VTA secretes a chemical called dopamine during pleasurable activities. Dopamine is known as the pleasure molecule because anything that feels pleasurable to us is due to dopamine. Acetyl-L-Tyrosine in the NZT-48 promotes the production of dopamine, which in turn boosts your motivation.
  • Increase Creativity:
    Creativity is essential for social survival and individual well-being; it has expanded science, art, philosophy, and technology. Research has shown that increased cerebral blood flow does increase your creativity, allowing you to be more imaginative and explore areas that interest you with increased concentration.

NZT-48 clinical studies, evaluation, and results 2021: Are NZT-48 supplements safe to use?

NZT-48 is manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility that prioritizes consumer health. The manufacturer is dedicated to providing accurate product information and credibility. And though there aren’t many clinical studies on the supplement, users of the supplement seem to validate the claims that the supplement increases brain function with little to no side effects.

How do you use NZT-48? Our dosage recommendation

NZT-48 is an easy supplement to use that comes in gelatin-covered capsule form. A bottle of this supplement contains 30 capsules, and according to the developers of this supplement, you should take a capsule a day. Ideally, the single daily dose should be taken in the evening, 30 minutes before bed. A single dose of NZT-48 contains 750mg of ingredients, and you shouldn’t exceed the recommended dosage to ward off any side effects.

How to use NZT-48

Side effects on the supplement are common in cases where people take more than a single dose a day. In addition to this, you should take the supplement simultaneously to ensure you have consistent levels of the supplement throughout the day. While on the supplement, be sure to stay hydrated!

Our NZT-48 Review and Rating: NZT-48 Pros and Cons

According to developers of this supplement, the ingredients used are safe and, when used as recommended, cause no side effects. Apart from consumers reporting improved cognitive skills, they also say that the supplement has been very effective for weight loss as it also helps stave off both food and alcohol cravings. 

NZT-48 Positive Review

This supplement generally is a favourite among users.

NZT-48 Positive Review-2 NZT-48 Positive Review

NZT-48 Negative Review

As much as some people do not like the supplement, the product seems to work for many people.

NZT-48 Negative Review

Pros of NZT-48 

  • NZT-48 formula is made from pure and natural ingredients.
  • The supplement has no GMO or filler ingredients.
  • The supplement is made in a GMP accredited facility.
  • Formula enhanced analytical skills
  • It gives you a longer concentration span
  • It gives you a laser-sharp memory
  • Improves your creativity
  • It boosts energy levels, which makes you get more out of your day
  • If taken as recommended, the supplement causes no side effects.

Cons of NZT-48

  • In rare cases, this supplement may cause slight headaches.
  • This supplement is only available for purchase on the developer’s official website

NZT-48 and After: Do NZT-48 Work, or Is It a Scam?

When we buy supplements, there is always the fear of getting a dupe or a supplement that does not work. As previously discussed, the FDA does not require supplements to validate their claims, meaning that some supplements make it on the shelf without the backing of science and the results of which can lead to severe side effects or no results. NZT-48 gives desired results if taken consistently and in the right dosage. While on the supplement, you should expect:

NZT-48 supplements after 2 weeks: Within the first weeks, you should see increased analytical skills, something that will ultimately boost your confidence. You should also be able to experience longer concentration spans. 

NZT-48 supplements after 4 weeks: Results on this supplement are gradual, with results building over time. Your focus should have improved one bottle down, you should be motivated, and your memory should be significant.

NZT-48’ supplements after 6 weeks: You should have no trouble remembering, staying motivated, being creative, concentration on your mood, and you should be able to complete complex tasks. 

NZT-48 after 8 weeks: You should crave less alcohol and food and should see some weight loss. Your motivation and productivity should be at their peak, and your creativity and mood should be better. Overall, your brain will be as healthy as it can be with no side effects.

NZT-48 on the Internet and Forums: Was Essential NZT-48 in Shark Tank?

Though NZT-48 has never been featured on the show, it has been recognized by notable athletes and players and not to forget the glowing reviews on the supplement that praise the supplement for its effectiveness.

Is NZT-48 legit, or are there any warnings about NZT-48 on the internet

warnings about NZT-48 There are no warnings on the internet about NZT-48, and the supplement-based consumer feedback gives the marketed claims, and when used correctly, the supplement causes no side effects. And just in case you are wondering whether the supplement developers are legitimate, they are and run an accredited lab in the USA. The developers of this supplement take the users’ interest very seriously and make their supplements using only the best ingredients.

Where to buy NZT-48? NZT-48 for sale Offer and Price Comparison:

Where to buy NZT-48?

Having read about the supplement and its great benefits, you must be curious where you can buy the supplement.

Can you buy Essential Element’s supplements in the pharmacy?

Can you buy NZT-48 in pharmacy?

Unfortunately, Essential Element’s supplements are not sold in pharmacies; and however, they are available for purchase on the company’s official website or a trusted partner’s platform. It is, however, recommended that you buy their supplement’s official site to get the best price deals and to ensure that you get genuine supplements.

What Do I Have to Consider if I Want to Discontinue NZT-48 supplement?

Nothing. This supplement is made with purely natural ingredients that do not have an addictive aspect to them. You can stop taking the supplement without the fear of developing any withdrawal symptoms.

NZT-48 Review Conclusion: Our Experiences and Recommendation:


Good cerebral circulation is required to supply your brain with oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood. Cerebral circulation also aids in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide from the brain. If your cerebral circulation is impaired, it can cause serious health problems such as a stroke, hypoxia, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral edema, brain damage, disability, and in some cases, death. NZT is formulated to increase blood flow into your brain, making it healthier and operating optimally.

As we age, our brains age with us, and though in some cases the signs may be obvious, sometimes they go unnoticed, and can be upsetting to both ourselves or others. Various factors can contribute to memory problems or exacerbate normal age-related changes—problems, such as depression or anxiety. With NZT-48, you should see your memory begin to sharpen, and your concentration lengthen. However, it is important to note that this supplement is not to intended to cure any illness but promote body function. Before taking this supplement, you should check with your doctor to see whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients in NZT-48

NZT-48 Review Conclusion: Our Experiences and Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions About Essential Elements Supplements

I’m sure you’re intrigued by the company’s supplements and have some questions at this point. Here are a few that will provide you with more information about the company and its supplements.

Is NZT-48 recommended, or are there any criticisms of NZT-48?

Are there any NZT-48 deals or coupon codes?

Who is Behind NZT-48?

Does NZT-48 have any risks or side effects?

Is the continuous use of NZT-48 supplements safe?

Can you buy NZT-48 on eBay or Amazon?

Do I need a prescription to buy NZT-48 supplements?

How much do NZT-48 supplements cost, and where can I buy NZT-48 for the cheapest price?

What are the best alternatives for NZT-48?

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind This is a nootropic dietary supplement that increases the brain’s cognitive skills. The supplement’s manufacturer increases brain energy by up to 13.6 percent, supports focus, memory, speed, and motivation, and aids recovery from intense cognitive exertion. Unlike this supplement NZT-48, goes beyond improving your cognitive ability and lowers your stress level.

The makers of this supplement recommend taking 1 to 2 capsules daily to boost your overall brain power. The supplement should be taken on an empty stomach and used consistently over time to support accumulative results and promote long-term whole-brain health. However, it is recommended that you do not take over the recommended dosage as it increases your risk of developing side effects.

The Performance Lab Mind formula contains several ingredients found in nootropic supplements. It contains no synthetic additives and instead derives everything from natural sources, but there is no way to tell for sure. These ingredients include Citicoline, L-tyrosine, and extract of maritime pine bark and Phosphatidylserine.

This supplement works by restoring brain chemicals, resulting in a healthier, sharper recovery from mental exertion. This supplement is stim-free mental energy revolutionary for a clean cognitive lift with no crash. It improves long-term brain health and mental clarity by promoting neural regeneration. It also aids in the optimization of brain cell membranes for efficient function and long-term health.

Unlike NZT-48, Performance Lab Mind’s formula causes side effects such as vomiting, stomach ache, sweating excessively, Sleep deprivation, Kidney issues and negatively impacts the body’s metabolism.


  • Neuroprotective properties that help to keep cognitive decline at bay.
  • Enhances focus and attention.
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Repairs and protects the membrane of brain cells.
  • Restores mental energy and removes brain fog.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • There are ships everywhere.


  • Only larger orders qualify for free shipping.
  • The return policy is erratic.
  • It is priced slightly higher than other nootropic supplements.

A bottle of this supplement contains 30 servings and goes for $69. Unlike NZT-48 that offers free shipping for all purchases, developers of this supplement do not offer free shipping for single purchases. However, if you decide to buy multiple bottles, your shipping will be free—that is, if you buy two bottles for $138 total or $69 per bottle. If you choose a three-month supply, you will pay $207. This option saves a little money because each bottle is about $50 at that price.

The developers of this supplement offer a 60-day return policy, and however, you can return unopened bottles within 14 days of delivery. It is important to note that if you purchase more than one bottle and wait 60 days, you will not get a refund for the unopened bottles.



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