What is Cialis and what does Cialis do? How do Cialis Pills work?

Cialis Reviews

Erectile dysfunction or ED or impotence is becoming one of the most commonly prevailing sexual problem among men all over the world.

Various reasons are cited as the cause of this increasing menace among men over 40. The challenge with this condition is that one cannot so easily discuss this issue openly with the others like the other medical conditions. Disclosing it even with one’s doctor becomes a very challenging. No man would like others to know that they are unable to satisfy their partner in bed and that they are sexually inadequate.

Thankfully, today we have a number of treatments, pills and supplements in the industry to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED. One of the most common treatments that you would have come across in this regard is Cialis.

Even though this is a popular treatment, there are various views regarding this drug. There always the question whether Cialis works and delivers what it promises. You will find an in-depth review of Cialis so that you can make up your mind whether you would like to use this drug.

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What is Cialis?

Cialis is the FDA approved treatment for men who suffer erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED. Cialis is the brand name under which Tadalafil is marketed.

Cialis is a prescription drug. This is also used to treat symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, a condition where the prostate is enlarged. Cialis is not meant for women and children.

What are the ingredients in Cialis?

Cialis-pack-pils Cialis contains the active ingredient called Tadalafil. This belongs to the group of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Tadalafil relaxes the blood vessels so that more blood could flow to the penis when there is a sexual stimulus.

What does Cialis do and how does it work? Does Cialis really work?

When there is a sexual stimulus, the body releases a chemical into the penis. This chemical increases the blood flow into the penis.

ED or erectile dysfunction is caused when there isn’t adequate blood supply to the penis to achieve an erection or to sustain the erection achieved for long enough for a satisfactory sexual encounter. Cialis is found to have an enhancing effect on the chemical released by the body during sexual arousal.

What does Cialis do and how does it work? Does Cialis really work?

Cialis blocks cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type-5, commonly known as PED-5. The function of this chemical is to break down cGMP which helps muscles to relax. When Cialis blocs PDE-5, it increases the cGMP levels in the smooth muscles of the penis, achieving muscle relaxation. Further to that it also induces vasodilation or widening of blood vessels.

When it comes to the question of effectiveness, the experience of the individuals varies. You will come across a wide range of reports about the effectiveness of Cialis. Some of the reports claim that the rate of effectiveness is around 85%, while others indicate that it is around 60% to 70%.

Does Cialis really work?


While addressing the issue pertaining to the Cialis counterfeits, the FDA.gov website indicates that Eli Lilly’s authentic Cialis is safe and effective for the intended use or uses as long as the drug is sourced from state-licensed pharmacies in the US.

How to use Cialis correctly? What is the safe dosage for Cialis? Our dosage recommendation – How much Cialis should you take?

Cialis is available in various strengths. As this is a prescription drug, your doctor will give you clear instructions on the dosage and on the correct use of the drug. You need to follow the dosage guidelines given by your doctor so that you are not running into any negative side effects.

How to use Cialis correctly

You will be able to find Cialis in low dosages. You will be able to find Cialis in the following dosages–2.5 mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. If you are using Cialis as a daily dose, then the recommended daily dosage is 2.5mg, once a day.

This daily dose could be increased to up to 5mg. If you are using Cialis only prior to sexual activity, then the recommended dosage is 10mg. You could increase this to 15mg or 20 mg as per your requirement. Your doctor will be the best person to decide on the correct dosage. Normally, it is started with the low dosage and increased as per need.

Cialis should not be taken more than once per day. This pill could be taken with or without food.

How long does it take for Cialis to work?

This will depend on your dosage pattern. If you are taking Cialis as a daily dose, then there is no waiting time after taking the pills. May be on the initial few days, the response rate is likely to be less until your body builds the required reserve of the active ingredient in Cialis.

How long does it take for Cialis to work?

If you are taking Cialis as and when required before the sexual activity, then the response time could vary anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. During the first few sexual encounters, you should not rush, but try to understand how fast your body responds.

This will save you from unnecessary embarrassment. The effectiveness of the pills could last as long as 36 hours. This does not mean that you will retain a continuous erection for 36 hours. You will be able to get an erection whenever there is a sexual stimulus within a timeframe of 36 hours.

Our Cialis review and rating: Cialis pros and cons:

Cialis in general enjoys a reasonably good rating. However, there are occasions that it failed to deliver the promised results. So, the drug receives mixed reactions, both positive and negative.

Cialis positive reviews

Our Cialis review and rating: Cialis pros and cons Found Cialis very effective: Thanks to my doctor who prescribed Cialis to treat my ED. I have been on Cialis daily dosing for the past three and a half months. It is very effective and I am able to enjoy sex whenever I like without having to plan in advance. This makes me feel good about myself, which was missing when I used to suffer the consequences of ED.

Cialis negative reviews

It works sometimes and at times it doesn’t: I am not totally happy with Cialis. It works sometimes, and it doesn’t at other times. Unable to understand the pattern, when it will work and when it does not. This makes every sexual encounter a highly anxious process.

Cialis Pros:

  • It is available in low dosages suitable for daily use
  • Higher dosages are available to be used on ‘as needed’ basis
  • Easy to use, just need to follow the doctor’s dosage instructions
  • 70 to 80% efficacy
  • FDA approved

Cialis Cons:

  • Available only on prescription
  • Can be ordered only from the pharmacies
  • Not effective for everyone
  • Can interfere with other drugs

Cialis reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit:

Cialis is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatments. You will come across a lot of information about this drug online. It is important to take all the information that you come across with a pinch of salt.

Is Cialis reputable or are there any warnings about Cialis on the internet?

Cialis is an FDA-approved drug. This drug enjoys a fairly good reputation in the industry. However, Cialis has its own set of negative side effects. Therefore, it is not recommended to take this drug without the prescription of your doctor.

Is Cialis reputable or are there any warnings about Cialis on the internet

Even when you take Cialis under a doctor’s prescription, you could still experience the negative side effects. Such issues should be immediately brought to the attention of your doctor. You will find general warnings about Cialis online. Do not take Cialis if you have any other heart conditions already and if sex is not advised for you.

Real Cialis Doctor Review: does Cialis really work or is it a scam?

Cialis is found to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. The response rate of this drug will vary from one individual to the other. The drug is prescribed as daily dosing or as required before the sexual activity.

  • Cialis results after two weeks: Cialis is not a health supplement for us to consider progressive effectiveness of the drug. The drug will be effective for a limited time. The normal effectiveness window is 24 hours to 36 hours. If you are on a daily dosing of Cialis, you will have the flexibility of sexual activity as opposed to taking the drug before the sexual activity. During the first two weeks, you will be able to understand well how your body responds to the drug.
  • Cialis results after one month: The dosage required varies from one person to the other. For daily dosing, your doctor will determine the strength of the dosage. Normally it is started with 2.5mg and increased up to 5mg. After testing the dosage strengths and your response, in the first month, the optimal dosage required would be established. You will enjoy greater peace of mind that you can enjoy sex whenever you like without having to worry about the gamble involved in achieving an erection.
  • Cialis results after two months: After using Cialis regularly for two months, your sex life would have returned to normal. You will not hesitate any longer to initiate your sexual moves. You will enjoy total liberation freedom to enjoy sex at your will. You would have even forgotten that you had an ED issue.
  • Cialis results after 3 months: As Cialis is available in lower dosages, it is suitable for long term use. However, if you are using Cialis for three months or longer, it is important to keep a tab on your general health condition. If you are experiencing any other health issues, breathing difficulties or pain in the chest area, then report it to your doctor immediately and follow the doctor’s guidelines and recommendations. Do not override the doctor’s instructions.

Real Cialis Doctor Review: does Cialis really work or is it a scam

Cialis 2023 clinical trial assessment and results: Is Cialis safe to use?

Cialis is an FDA approved treatment for erectile dysfunction. The drug has been subjected to a lot of testing and research before it was released.

Is Cialis safe to use

FDA does not approve a drug without adequate clinical evidence and this makes Cialis a reliable drug to consume for erectile dysfunction. This does not mean that it is totally free from all types of side effects are risks.


Cialis should not be used by those for whom sex is not advised to do pre-existing cardiovascular condition. Some of the side effects of the drub include headache, nasal congestion, pain in the limbs, back pain, and dyspepsia. The nature and the intensiveness of the side effects will vary from person to person.

Due to the functioning of the active ingredient, there could be a sudden drop in the blood pressure in case it is taken with other nitrate medication.

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Cialis?

There are no negative side effects in discontinuing Cialis except that you will have to deal with your ED once again. The effectiveness of the drug would fade anywhere between 24 and 36 hours.

Even if you have taken Cialis on a daily dosing, it does not have any permanent effect on you. There are bound to be issues in achieving an erection. Consult your doctor before discontinuing your Cialis ED treatment. In case you are experiencing any undesirable side effects, you need to consult your doctor and discontinue the drug immediately.

Where can you buy Cialis? Cialis price comparison & deals for sale:

Where can you buy Cialis? Cialis price comparison & deals for sale:

Cialis as a prescription drug can be purchased only from a pharmacy. The cost of the drug will vary from one pharmacy to the other. You will be able to find discounts and coupons online. If you want to order your ED pills online and save money on the ED treatment, you can buy them from this website.

Can you buy Cialis in a pharmacy?

Can you buy Cialis in pharmacy?

Cialis can be purchased from a pharmacy and online. This drug is also available online from our partner. In case you want to order your Cialis ED pills discreetly online without going to a pharmacy, you can find them on this website.

Cialis Review Conclusion - Our experience and recommendation:

Cialis is a very popular erectile dysfunction treatment. If you do not have any problem talking to your doctor about your ED, then Cialis is a good option. Most men do not like to disclose their condition to anyone, including their doctor.

Cialis Review Conclusion - Our experience

When dealing with issues like erectile dysfunction, there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep things discreet. Moreover, the drug is not suitable for you if you are already going to have any other preexisting health condition. There are other safer drugs that make use of all natural ingredients, which could also be ordered online.

Is Cialis recommended? What is the verdict on this ED treatment? Cialis is a fairly a good treatment for ED.

Frequently asked questions about Cialis:

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Does Cialis have any risks or side effects?

Is it safe to take Cialis continuously?

Who is behind the manufacturer of Cialis?

Do I need a prescription to buy Cialis?


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