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How To Help With Chronic Fatigue

Everyone experiences days of extreme fatigue, where their bodies and minds cannot push themselves any longer. At times, these people might have this feeling for a day or two, but after adequate sleep and rest (along with some pleasurable or relaxing activities), they always spring back to their daily routines and work schedules.

Is Living In Miami Taking A Toll On Your Health?

Where you live largely determines your lifestyle and hence, your overall well-being. While Miami is a great place to live in, thanks to its beautiful coastline, well-put-together infrastructure, and amazing nightlife, these merely act as a smokescreen that hides the downsides of living in this city.

Breast Implant Illness

Indicative Signals That You Need A Root Canal For Your Infected Tooth

There’s no denying the fact that tooth problems are painful. In fact, this is a truth universally acknowledged that tooth problems hurt. There is immense discomfort inside the mouth, struggling while eating, and sharp pain when you touch the tooth with your tongue. Anyone who is reading this article will know the feeling and hence […]

Health & Wellness Industry Trends

The health and wellness industry has boomed over the last several years. Consumers are much more concerned with their overall health, mental and physical, and are committed to finding new and innovative ways to take care of themselves and practice self care in our daily routines. The trends that evolve in the health industry are […]

Transitions & Trials: Outlining Essential Teen Health Check-Ups

Young adulthood is an important stage of your child’s overall development. Over their teenage years, your children will be busy developing habits that will likely carry them through all their future stages of life. That’s why it’s so important to make sure they get all the proper dental advice, know how to care for their […]

Bloating: Causes & Solutions

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Manual Wheelchairs: Benefits And Drawbacks

A manual wheelchair, also known as a standard wheelchair, provides the least expensive method of mobility for someone who isn’t able to walk or stand. The majority of today’s manual wheelchairs feature smaller wheels, which help provide more stability and easier turning. Many of them are foldable, allowing you to tuck them away with ease […]

Oil Pulling As Part Of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

The inclusion oil pulling as part of a morning oral hygiene routine has been increasing in popularity.   Many people and natural health care practitioners recommend it to improve oral health as well as many other overall health benefits. There are lots of reports of people having success treating everything from bad breath (halitosis) to […]

4 Signs Of Poor Gut Health And What You Can Do About It

Gut health is crucial as it means your stomach and entire digestive system have the proper balance of microbes or bacteria. It’s very important for your gut to do its job of fighting harmful viruses and bacteria, breaking down energy and nutrients from the food you eat, and getting rid of toxins and free radicals […]